Lesson Plan For Even Sem

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1BSc II Sem Organic Chemistry
2BSc II Sem Inorganic Chemistry
3BSc II Sem Physical Chemistry
4BSc IVth Sem Inorganic Chemistry
5BSc IVth Sem Organic Chemistry
6BSc IVth Sem Physical Chemistry
7BSc VIth Sem Inorganic Chemistry
8BSc VIth Sem Organic Chemistry
9BSc VIth Sem Physical Chemistry
10BSc II semester Computer Sc Paper-I
11BSc II semester Computer Sc Paper-II
12BSc IV semester Computer Sc Paper-I
13BSc IV semester Computer Sc Paper-II
14BSc VI semester Computer Sc Paper-I
15BSc VI semester Computer Sc Paper-II
16BSc II Semester Physics I
17BSc II Semester Physics II
18BSc IV Semester Physics I
19BSc IV Semester Physics II
20BSc VI Semester Physics I
21BSc VI Semester Physics II
22BSc II Semester Botany Paper – I
23BSc II Semester Botany Paper – II
24BSc IV Semester Botany Paper – I
25BSc IV Semester Botany Paper – II
26BSc VI Semester Botany Paper – I
27BSc VI Semester Botany Paper – II
28BSc II Semester Zoology Paper – I
29BSc II Semester Zoology Paper – II
30BSc IV Semester Zoology Paper – I
31BSc IV Semester Zoology Paper – II
32BSc VI Semester Zoology Paper – I
33BSc VI Semester Zoology Paper – II
34BA & BSc II Semester Math Paper I
35BA & BSc II Semester Math Paper II
36BA & BSc II Semester Math Paper III
37BA & BSc IV Semester Math Paper I
38BA & BSc IV Semester Math Paper II
39BA & BSc IV Semester Math Paper III
40BA & BSc VI Semester Math Paper I
41BA & BSc VI Semester Math Paper II
42BA & BSc VI Semester Math Paper III
44BC-201 Financial Accounting -1
45BC-202 Micro Economics
46BC-203 Fundamentals of marketing
47BC-204 E-Commerce
48BC-205 Business Math-1
49BC -206 Business Communication
50BC-401 Corporate Accounting -1
51BC-402 Business Statistics
52BC-403 Business law -II
53BC-404 Company law-II
54BC-405 Indian Financial System
55BC-406 Advertising
56BC-601 Cost Accounting
57BC-602 Fundamentals of Insurance
58BC-603 Goods And Services Tax
59BC-604 Income Tax
60BC-605 Business environment
61BC-606 Retail Management
62BA II Sem Hindi Compulsory
63BA IV Sem Hindi Compulsory
64BA VI Sem Hindi Compulsory
65BA II Sem English Compulsory
66BA IV Sem English Compulsory
67BA VI Sem English Compulsory
68B.Sc II Sem English
69BA II Sem Fine Arts
70BA IV Sem Fine Arts
71BA VI Sem Fine Arts
72BA II Sem Geography
73BA IV Sem Geography
74BA VI Sem Geography
75BA II Sem History
76BA IV Sem History
77BA VI Sem history
78BA II Sem Political Sciecne
79BA IV Sem Political Sciecne
80BA VI Sem Political Sciecne
81BA II Sem Punjabi
82BA IV Sem Punjabi
83BA VI Sem Punjabi
84BA II Sem Economics
85BA IV Sem Economics
86BA VI Sem Economics